Andrew Starke

Audio Director
North Point Community Church

Andrew Starke is the Audio Director at North Point Community Church in Atlanta Georgia and has been involved with Audio / Live Production for over 14 years.  An Australian native, Andrew and his wife relocated to Atlanta in 2016 after serving as a part of the production staff at Hillsong Church for 12 years, leading production teams for various campuses & events and touring as FOH Engineer for Hillsong Worship.

As a lover of all things music and with a passion for people, Andrew’s mission is to create environments where individuals on production teams thrive in both the use of their talents and in their church community. As a result, Andrew seeks to challenge culture in a way that leads to healthier teams, better practices, and a genuine connection between what’s being presented on stage to what’s felt in the room.

Andrew and his wife recently celebrated 10 years of marriage as well as welcomed a new baby girl into the world.  You can find him on Instagram (@andrewstarke) or via the Facebook Group, “Worship Audio Collective”.