Harnessing Technology and Vision for Mission

The methods for reaching your community are advancing quickly and churches need to keep pace with today’s social media and church communication best practices.  Whether you are a big or small church, the opportunity to reach the world is enormous. Unfortunately, most churches are not capitalizing on their potential due to low prioritization or lack of staff and know-how.

What you will learn:

  • Strategies for developing and implementing communications strategy
  • Creating an effective website
  • Using SEO and analytics to increase your reach and engagement
  • Understanding and leveraging social media platforms
  • Planning and coordinating service planning
  • Understand the power and influence of your brand
  • Utilizing visual media for effective communication and messages

The Church Communications Conference is designed for pastors, executive pastors, directors of communications, creative directors and other key roles involved in planning and executing Sunday services.

Download Worship Facilities "The State of Church Communications" report. A deep dive into the emerging and evolving world of church communications.