WeAreWorship Conference at WFX Conference & Expo

Don’t Miss the WeAreWorship Conference at WFX Conference & Expo 2017

WFX Conference & Expo, Integrity Music Partner to Create WeAreWorship Conference, Inspiring Training Event The WFX Conference and Expo (WFX) is partnering with international church resource provider Integrity Music, and its worship resource platform WeAreWorship.com, to produce the WeAreWorship Conference at WFX 2017, to be held October 11-12 in Dallas. The WeAreWorship Conference will feature in-depth worship team training taught…

When Heaven Comes Down

One of my favorite definitions of worship is by Eugene Peterson when he says, “Worship is the strategy by which we interrupt our preoccupation with ourselves and attend to the presence of God”. I believe there is great and needed truth in the way Peterson paints avoiding this preoccupation as a choice. This session is…

Win Together: Creating a Healthy Relationship between Music and Media

When worship, audio, and media are unified in vision and purpose, they
are unstoppable! Too often we get our wires crossed and don’t know how
to best communicate expectations and goals with people across
department lines. In this class, you’ll learn how to speak each
other’s language, build bridges, and create a more powerful
atmosphere of worship than ever before. An…

How to Build a Song from the Ground Up

There is nothing more thrilling than the synergy that comes when God’s
 people sing a song written by His church, for His church. Learn how to
 write songs from scratch; songs that become declarations that build
faith and create an atmosphere of worship. From thoughtful, Biblically
 inspired lyrics, to chord progressions and engaging hooks, get from

Pre-Conference Education

Boot Camps Boot camps are designed to be an immersive, interactive learning experience. They are deep dive intensives that will jump-start your WFX education experience and provide you with practical tips, new ideas, fresh insights, and necessary know-how to bring about change for your church. You can choose from two-hour or four-hour sessions, making it the most affordable learning experience in the market. Specialized…

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What is WFX? WFX Conference and Expo is two and a half days of essential education, hands-on training, networking, inspiration and creative solution options for every ministry team, including worship, tech, communications, facilities, and administration. WFX is brought to you by the WFX Network. When is WFX 2018? Pre-Conference: November 13 (Boot Camps, Sponsored Workshops, and Tech…