Who Attends WFX?

  • Tech Directors and their teams looking for hands-on training, new ideas, new technology or expansion strategies.
  • Worship Leaders, Musicians, and Creatives looking for affordable skill-based training, inspiration, and refreshment.
  • Tech and Worship Directors looking to work together to optimize gear options that deepen the worship experience.
  • Facility Managers managing a new project, improvement to the existing building or the launch of a new campus, including a virtual site is on the horizon.
  • Pastors, Staff and Lay Leaders looking for a way to invest in team building.
  • Church Communications Specialists who are seeking skills and strategies to leverage social media and technology.

WFX also attracts professionals that serve the church market, including:

  • Architects & Designers
  • Construction Professionals
  • Design-Build Teams
  • AVL Systems Integrators
  • Church Management Consultants

Typical job functions include:

  • Senior or Lead Pastors
  • Executive Pastors
  • Building Committee Members
  • Church Administrators
  • Facilities Managers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Media & Creative Arts Pastors & Directors
  • Technical Directors & Staff
  • Worship Leaders & Team Members
  • Lay Leaders
  • Key Volunteers

Why Attend WFX?

WFX combines in-depth education across all disciplines with the largest dedicated church expo in the United States creating a one-of-a-kind solutions center for churches of all sizes.

Attendees will be inspired and will gain practical knowledge from respected church leaders and industry professionals about products, services, and solutions that solve the everyday problems churches face today.

Teams get a deal!

Buy 3 full-conference registrations and get the 4th FREE. Everyone involved in any aspect of church ministry will benefit from attending WFX. More than 800 churches across the nation attend WFX because they want to leverage staff, facilities, and equipment to better fulfill the mission and vision of their churches. Who should attend? Church teams who want to make relevant connections, co-create solutions, and engage in cross-functional learning together. Leaders, decision-makers, staff and volunteers all come away better equipped for ministry after their WFX experience.

Team-based Learning

WFX enables whole teams to learn together, be inspired together and overcome the hurdles that are limiting their ministries together. In fact, many churches use their time at WFX as their annual planning retreat.

In over 12 years of serving churches, we have found that WFX’s team-based training moves churches forward faster and with more focus than any other means. In order to maximize your WFX experience, consider sending a team of people. We invest in you by keeping individual registration pricing low in addition to offering discounts for church teams. Team training proves to yield the best return on your investment.

WFX is especially beneficial for churches and church teams that are:

    • Considering a new facility, building improvements or the launch of another campus.
    • Exploring ways to ensure a safe and secure church environment.
    • Using technology and gear to deepen the worship experience.
    • Looking for hands-on training and new technology ideas.
    • Hoping to develop new communications skills and strategies to leverage current social media and technology.
    • Seeking to invest in team development and relationships.


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